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I love how the word evolves.

I remember when this girl when she was just a baby, yet I didn’t know her personally. How is this you wonder? Let me tell you…

Back in the day when I sold copiers, (yes, I sold copy machines) I cold called a business office near Fruit and Shaw in Fresno called Loan Services. As I was walking out of the office, Brandon comes running out after me, calls me back in and picks my brain regarding copiers. Over the course of the next couple weeks he really did his best to buy a copier from me, but what I was selling unfortunately wasn’t adequate for his business. Instead, I became friends with Brandon and learned of his niece whose pictures showcased the shelves in his office. Years later, he started dating his now wife Lori, I married Steve, and our families have become great friends. Now here I am, taking senior pictures for that darling girl I remember from the picture frames in that office at Fruit and Shaw so many years ago…

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